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Shelving & Lighting Solutions

Trendy, Customised Shelving &Lighting Solutions

AEL is an exciting steel and furniture fabricator born in Gauteng. With genius design, AEL initiative offers a range of robust, appealing products. The use of steel and colour variation makes our custom range of shelving and lighting distinctively remarkable.

AEL’s range of bespoke shelving and wall units is simplistic, ensures practicality yet satisfies indispensable aesthetics, making it a brilliant purchase for any home, hotel, B&B, lodge or office. 

Custom Steel Fabrication Products

AEL Initiative is committed to providing custom bespoke steel and wood products with quality workmanship. We would love to bring your dream to reality, contact us today to chat about your dream project.

Customised Steel Furniture

Our exquisitely custom-made steel and wooden furniture are perfect for homes, guesthouses, lodges and offices around South Africa and the world.

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Shelving & Lighting

AEL Initiative offers residential, hospitality and corporate clients the opportunity to custom design pieces from our existing bespoke furniture ranges or to create your own beautiful custom design for your spaces – ensuring unity in look, feel and luxury.

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Custom Canvas Prints

Why leave your walls blank and boring or full of generic decorations, when you can hang personalised wall art that holds meaning? Discover beautifully designed, top quality custom wall art for a range of occasions and sentiments so you can show off what really matters to you.

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Custom Outdoor Furniture

We have a beautiful collection of patio furniture that is perfect for the outdoors or next to the pool, that is both attractive and robust and is manufactured to withstand all climatic conditions.

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Fireplaces & Wood Holders

Designer fireplaces and wood holders created for clients looking for artistic functionality. Our beautiful fireplaces and log holders enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space and outdoor areas.

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Custom House Numbers

Enhance your home’s curb appeal, help increase visibility and showcase your own personal style.

AEL Initiative designs high-quality metal house numbers for both brand new homes and older homes in need of a modern look. We can work with you to create one-of-kind address numbers and letters to compliment the individual design of your home.

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Make your business, B&B, Guesthouse or Lodge stand out with one of our customised steel signs. Steel Signs hold up well under harsh weather conditions (including heat, humidity, and snow) and are chemically resistant.

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Landscaping Ornaments

AEL Initiative’s look is very recognisable, with straight clean design lines, no-frills, no fuss, just honest contemporary styling. When it comes to our homes or business, we all have a vision of the lifestyle we would like to achieve. AEL Initiative prides itself on trying to make your dream a reality.

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Butchery Trolleys & Cutting Blocks

AEL Initiative’s solid wood cutting board is perfect for all your heavy cutting and chopping, whilst at the same time being a guaranteed eye-catcher!

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